Hybrid-Scape Reef Rock Custom Inserts

We are proud to present our Hybrid-scape Custom Inserts.

Our Hybrid-scape custom rock inserts are the perfect addition to any live reef tank. If you are looking for that perfect aquascape, or just looking to cover unsightly plumbing or overflow boxes, our artists can build the perfect insert to meet your needs.  
Our hybrid-scape inserts are made of non-toxic, fish/reef safe epoxy.

-Our HybridScapes creates a stable foundation for live corals.
-Our HybridScapes allow corals to easily encrust.
-Coralline algae loves our HybridScapes 
-Achieve that perfect aquascape.

Your imagination is the only limit.

Mimic mother nature and create a beautiful natural rock scape that your fish and corals will love.

Give us a call today to discuss your next hybrid-scape project. 

Take a look at some past hybrid-scapes we have done below.  
See through tank with Hybrid-scape over flow box covers
Custom Peninsula tank with Hybrid-scape over flow box cover
DIY Waimea Base with Coralline Algae Growth